100 Word Challenge

It was my birthday and I got to do a swimming challenge with my dad. I had the best things to pick from, Red pie, sinking ladders, and a cracking pavement. They all sound really dangerous omgs. So I said I want to pick the sinking ladders. I was hooked up to a rock climbing machine, I had to reach the top before all the ladders fell. I only had a string to hold on to… before I knew it I was at the top. Dad said I passed. But I got more to pick from, red pie, coin rush, and the cracking pavement. So I choose the cracking pavement, the worst one. Good luck said sam. So I tried, Closing my eyes I said oh boi. Boom, crashing into… my stuffed animals yay. XD XD.


  1. Ha! Was that a dream? Very well constructed! Just when I was so caught up not imagining what cracking pavement was, boom! I was covered in stuffed animals.

    Great story!


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